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Health and Life Coaching for Busy Professionals

… I am certified by the Health Coach Institute

I am a Health Coach working  with busy professionals to help them reach their career goals, get healthier, learn to make better choices and enjoy a better work-life balance.

I work with those who are interested in attaining a healthier lifestyle by figuring out what foods are best for your unique body type and employ little-known techniques to help you understand and embrace your own personal health. I provide relevant handouts and worksheets you can refer to in the future.  As a Health Coach, I also consult with people on Skin Care, Reiki and Nutrition.

Health and Career are intertwined to form this thing called LIFE, and if you improve one you improve the other.  If you’re like me, you’re stuck in endless meetings (sitting), choosing fast-food or delivery for lunch (and possibly dinner too), and working late- so skipping workouts. 

In my 90-day Transformational Coaching Program I help you uncover what is causing you to stay stuck – what you can do instead, and how you can make better choices on your own, so its like second-nature, long after we finish our time together.

You will have more energy (to work out?) sleep better and even navigate stress more effectively.  You can learn more about yourself, your relationships with self and others, and discover your life purpose.  You will end up in a position to direct your own life with confidence, embrace your personal power and use what you learn to lead a better life.

When you hire a Certified Professional Coach

You get someone who knows which tools you need, is able to show you a better way to deal with issues that arise from day to day and equip you with exercises, action steps and modalities to help you:

  • End Food Cravings
  • Reduce Stress
  • Enjoy Better Sleep
  • Cope with Change
  • Improve your Relationship with Food
  • Learn Nutrition Hacks
  • Get Fit & Toned
  • Reset Career Path
  • Discover your Life Purpose
  • Improve your Relationship with Money
  • Prevent Disease
  • …and more.


In addition…

I am a Reiki Master using Universal energy to heal. Reiki is the universal energy using earth’s magnetic force to help clear your emotional or mental blocks.  It is believed that Reiki can increase your creativity, enhance your decision-making skills and alleviate physical discomfort. 

I am also a certified Skin Care Consultant, for Alywillow.  I offer free consultations to discover what your skin (face and body) concerns are, and help find a solution for you with the 100% organic, plant-based products that Alywillow offers.

I am a Nutragenomics disciple – using food and herbs to change the genes in our bodies, activating cells and neuro pathways to help our bodies function better to produce anti-oxidants, fight free radical damage, increase energy output, improve focus and gain mental clarity.  Protandim by Lifevantage is a cutting-edge product that, if you’re looking to anti-age from the inside out – is the answer!  The Protandim Trisynergizer is not a supplement, vitamin or drug – it’s an ACTIVATOR that wakes up your body and re-activates functions it has ceased to perform due to aging.  We experience Oxidative Stress from our daily activites and that has been discovered to be the root of many degenerative diseases associated with aging. Trisynergizer works to bring our bodies back to functioning like when we were young: making our own antioxidents, increasing cellular energy and preserve a protein directly linked to aging, called sirtuins.

Is Coaching for you? 

Too busy to work out? Looking to make a change? Want to feel or look better? Want to feel or look younger? Feeling stuck where you are? Picked up a habit you’d like to eliminate?  Considering a career change? Unhappy in your relationship or with your finances?  Stressed & Overwhelmed?  

My program helps people on several levels – physical, emotional and mental. You will build confidence, improve self-esteem and feel better. You will be better equipped to move forward with your dreams and goals with a clear path.

I specialize in working with Type “A” people like myself, who need some good direction, a little clarity and wisdom, and a push now and then. 

Success is possible with the right system,  support and accountability. That’s what makes my coaching different. The Habit Change Coaching Method is based in science and has been proven to transform lives!  

Please  go to my Contact page to submit a request and I will contact you.  

Looking forward to chatting!