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Certified Health and Life Coach, Nutrition Certificate

Do you skip lunch because you think you’ll get more done? Do you eat lunch at your desk while answering emails or doing reports? Are you on your phone first thing in the morning while eating breakfast, or after hours and weekends? Do you lie awake at night with your mind racing reviewing all the things you have “to do”?

What if I told you that in a span of just 90 days you can become more productive and efficient, get better navigate the office culture (politics, cliques and drama) and free up some time so you’re able to do what’s important to YOU!

In my transformational coaching program, you will learn the “secrets” of a high-performer who gets stuff done without sacrificing their personal space. You will have more ENERGY, better SLEEP and LESS STRESS. You might even lose a few pounds!

I am Veronica, Certified Health and Life Coach. I specialize in helping people like you!

How do I know what you’re going through? I lived through it: hitting the snooze button until I had to rush around to get ready for work, constant migraines (maybe yours is stomach trouble,)snapping at my spouse and kids, running on the hamster wheel going nowhere – fast – all of it!

You’re likely meeting all your metrics and SMART goals, and impressing people with your hardworking ethics and “can-do” attitude. You have the pressures of a demanding job, combined with the stress of being responsible for the performance of people you cannot control, right? Do you feel resentful when you’re heading to the office on a Saturday morning, and drive by the golf course where all your colleagues are gathered for a game?

Let me help you discover the tips and tricks other successful professionals and entrepreneurs apply.

Make some smarter lifestyle choices, embrace new habits and create your own new rituals to improve your day. You can become more balanced, confident and satisfied with your new life!

Is Coaching for you? 

Too busy to work out? Have you gained a little weight during the pandemic and are looking to make a change? Want to feel or look better? Want to feel or look younger? Are you feeling stuck where you are? Maybe you’ve picked up a habit you’d like to eliminate?  Have you Considered a career change and want some guidance? Unhappy with your finances? Overwhelmed? 

If any of the above describes you, I can help. My program helps you on several levels – physical, emotional and mental. You will build confidence, improve self-esteem and feel better. You will be better equipped to move forward with your dreams and goals with a clear path.

I specialize in working with Type “A” people like myself, who need some good direction, a little clarity and wisdom, and a push now and then. 

Success is possible with the right system,  support and accountability. That’s what makes my coaching different. The Habit Change Coaching Method is based in science and has been proven to transform lives!  

Please click here to view my calendar and schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Session where we can talk about your goals and desired outcomes, discuss the details of coaching in general and the specifics of my transformation, and decide if we are a good fit to work together.  No obligation.

Looking forward to chatting!

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