10 Tips For Healthy Skin

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10 Tips For Healthy Skin

We’ve put together a few tricks and tips for maintaining a healthy complexion using Alywillow products.

  1. Daily Sunshine- try to get up to 20 minutes of time in the sun without SPF every day. Avoid the hours between 10 am and 3 pm when the sun is strongest, to avoid the most harmful rays.
  2. Water- so important both internally and externally, sometimes water is all you need to get clean. Be sure to use lots of water and just a little product. A little goes a long way! You won’t see a lot foaming action – that is caused by artificial ingredients in some other skin care lines – but not a problem, you’re still getting plenty clean,
  3. It’s critical to wash your hands before touching any part of your face (this is advice created well, well before the pandemic.)
  4. Be gentle  – don’t rub too hard, – gentle is more kind for your skin. Be as nice to yourself as you are to others.
  5. Have patience – If your skin condition is bad, it didn’t get that way in a day, it could take time to correct.  Allow me to  customize the right products for you.  Alywillow is committed to improving your skin with all plant-based products, but it could take time. Be kind, gentle and patient! You could see skin respond within days (even hours!) but it could also take months.  Don’t give up! Stick with it!
  6. Hyper-sensitive skin – if you have super sensitive skin, only add one product at a time, once per week. Also please advise me, so I can put you in our most gentle Elemental line created just for sensitivite skin and babies.
  7. Listen to your body- we posess innate wisdom. Your skin may prefer to use a product only for a short time, or less often. and that’s okay-just pay attention and observe. Some products will work for you daily, others you may only want to use weekly.  Experiment with it. If you learn to listen to your gut, you will be happy – don’t force things. If you have a reaction contact me ASAP.
  8. Avoid applying tea tree oil to the skin,  (and other plants with highly toxic properties like Eucalyptus and Wintergreen essential oils.) it’s great for cleaning and adding to your washing machine but can be harmful for skin. Also, avoid acid washes,  sugar scrubs and charcoal masks. These can all damage skin, and disturb your PH balance.
  9. Exfoliation – remove dead or flakey skin using the free loofah included with every bar cleanser.  Don’t over-do it though.  Only dry skin should consider using the loofah more than once/weekto buff away flakes. Most skin only needs gentle circular motions weekly to keep it healthy.  You can’t scrub off your acne or dark spots!  You will only make it worse.
  10. Everyone is different- IF your skin reacts negatively, you may be allergic to an ingredient. You are not detoxing. Contact me ASAP so we can identify the ingredient and move you to a different product.

We appreciate you and want the best in skin care for you and your family!

I offer a free consultation on Zoom, to discuss your specific concerns. Click the button below to schedule.

Healthy Skin

Caring for your products

Shelf Life – keep Alywillow products in a dry space, with temp between 40 and 80 degrees.  Bathrooms may not be ideal.  Most products will last 2 years in this environment. A few exceptions- Featheray will keep 12-18 months; Fortify and Go Away up to 8 years.

If a product smells funny, chances are it was inadvertently left in a place where it got too hot or too cold and broke down more quickly. We rarely have any products come back, and in fact, know of some that have lasted 4 years without a problem.

Chances are, if you love it as much as the rest of us, you will use up your product well before the shelf life expires!

Plants are our brothers and sisters

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