Alywillow Moisturizer Levels At-A-Glance


We offer six (6) levels of moisturizers.  Note, these are not “lotions” – moisturizers sink into the skin and offer a benefit – lotions sit on top of the skin and act as a barrier.  Every time you use any Alywillow moisturizer, your body is receiving a big Vitamin and Mineral UPLOAD!

Level oneAny Time moisturizer is great for daytime use on the face and neck. Combination and Oily skin customers love it because it’s not too heavy, and it will protect for 6 to 8 hours. This one contains Chlorophyll, (remember, the “blood” of the plant) so it’s super-beneficial to the skin.

Level twoNight Time moisturizer is designed specifically for night time when our body is repairing itself. It contains beneficial healing plants to nourish and balance the face and neck. Night Time is one of just a few products that are not technically vegan, Level 2 contains honey, a great anti-bacterial and healing product that will work overnight to heal your face adding a nice lifting effect. Naturally slows aging process.  Normal to dry skin, protects 10-12 hours.

Level Three – the most popular among our male clients! This is so light, it feels like water so it sinks in quickly. There is no water in it, however, just plants.  The Level 3 moisturizer comes in all of the Therapeutic daily formulas plus one Elemental and one Medicinal Grade product. It protects for 6-8 hours and has an average SPF of 8.  Reapply Level 3 moisturizers up to 4 times per day as needed!

Level Four – this level is a nut-free oil-based formula that is much richer. It makes a great massage oil too.  It’s great for arms and legs and although it is an oil, it sinks in so doesn’t stay oily – just soft!  If your facial skin is dry, you could consider this level to see if it’s for you.  This will be a personal preference based on feel as well as moisture level.   This is a great product to use as a beard or hair oil too!  Contains average SPF of 10, and protects for 6-8 hours.

Honor and Respect Earth

Level Five – This level is our Body Butter; our most luxurious feeling moisturizer, wonderful for hands and feet (especially nice overnight) and all over if you have ultra-dry skin. The average SPF is 10 and protection is 10-12 hours.  Our Body Butter is loved by most people – especially in drier months.

Level Eight – Featheray firming eye cream.  Okay.  This is the BEST stuff!  This eye cream contains 25 different plants (including a little honey – so not vegan) to help firm the delicate eye area, protect, support, firm and reduce lines and wrinkles.  We recently received a testimonial from a woman who used it on her neck to reduce that crepe look. This is one of our most beloved products, and we believe every woman should have a jar of her own.  One jar will last a whole year, because it’s so concentrated.  One application for the eye area is the size of one grain of rice; for the whole face, two grains of rice.  Great for cuticles too.  We are sure there are many other uses for this product – play around for yourself and share with us!

One thing to note, the power of the plants doesn’t increase or decrease based on the moisture level, the level should be chosen based on several factors: A) where the pain is (shoulders/back = Level 3 because it’s easier to spray,) B) If you have someone to massage it in (Level 4), C) arthritis, or cracking hands that are in water all day (like for Nurses- Level 5.) D) Texture-personal preference.  We offer sets that include multiple moisture levels so you can decide for yourself- mix and match for your different needs!

Since we can’t be together face-to-face to allow you to smell all the wonderful smells of these Daily Therapeutic formulas, Alywillow has put together some starter kits or sample sets.  They all include a number of different formulas and moisture levels for you to try at home! 

Very Important!  Remember to shake Alywillow products! The plant elements can settle, and it is important to shake well to mix the product and ensure you are getting all the benefits!  It’s best to spray the product into a cupped hand, then apply to the skin rather than spraying directly to the skin. You will enjoy the product longer, avoiding overspray that just lands on the floor (and can make it slippery!)

Featheray Concentrated Formula

Disclaimer:  Independent Alywillow Specialists do not diagnose or claim our products will treat, or cure your ailments. We do, however know that some of our products can assist, lessen, reduce or ease symptoms caused by diseases or conditions.  We are not Doctors, but will work with your preferred provider(s) to help support medical efforts.

Allergy /Medication Information: We provide a complete list of ingredients on the website that could be present in our products. It is very important for you to check this list and identify if you are allergic to any of these plants.  If you have a plant allergy, or if you have been told by your Doctor to avoid particular fruits or vegetables, please complete our form on the website:  This submission will be sent to our HQ and you will receive an email with a list of products safe for you to USE.  Feel free to bring the ingredients list to your Doctor, and get his or her feedback before starting an Alywillow regimen.


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