Best-Kept Secret – Featheray Firming Eye and Face Cream

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Featheray Concentrated Formula

I made this discovery just about a year ago and just finished my very first one-ounce jar of Featheray Firming Eye Cream by Alywillow – it’s phenomenal.  What I discovered – and what drew me to it at first was its FIRMING effect.  Aliya (Trinity – founder of Alywillow) has photos of a woman who put the Featheray cream on just half of her face; and had immediate – I mean immediate results.  In fact, so dramatic, even her husband noticed that one half of her face was a noticeable degree higher than the other!

So, of course I had to have it.  It definitely does what it says, and after speaking to numerous women using this cream, learned that it can also help other areas of the body.

The neck, for example, and hands.  How many women out there have “skinny” hands? I do, and when I use the Featheray on them, they plump right up.  On the attached picture, you can see the evolution of one woman’s neck – from wrinkled to smoother, in just 20 days.  In fact, you actually notice it on day 5 – but as time goes on it gets even better. 

Featheray Firming Eye Cream contains over 25 beneficial plants, along with a bit of honey (so it’s not officially “vegan” but is certainly vegetarian.)  These plants offer benefits such as healing, nourishing, plumping, hydrating, lifting – as well as firming.

Most eye creams come in ½ oz. containers – Featheray is a full ounce, and should last a whole year if you are using it on eyes and neck or eyes and face.  It offers a lot of moisture, though, so if you have normal, combination, or oily skin – stick to just the eye or neck areas!  But feel free to experiment – it can’t hurt you – in fact, Alywillow products do not contain any synthetic chemicals, preservatives or other unpronounceable ingredients.  Only plants and minerals, whose powerful properties help improve our skin tone and firmness, can help with other skin concerns and lends to our overall health.  Our skin is our largest organ, we receive the benefits of the plants every time we apply the products on our skin!

As usual, if you have any allergies to plants, please go to our website and click the “Ingredients” page for a list of the plants and minerals used in all of our products.  If you are sensitive or allergic to anything on the list, please fill out the form – you will receive an email with the products safe for your use.

I am a passionate, earth-loving woman hell bent on finding awesome products that work for us (moms, wives, sisters, girlfriends) and our families to use without fear of toxic, cancer-causing or planet-erasing elements!

I am not a doctor, dermatologist, or medical practitioner and these opinions are mine alone, not meant to diagnose, treat or cure.

If you would like to chat in person, I am always happy to get on a call with you to answer specific questions and to share my personal experience and the success of my clients with you.  Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is an example of a woman who used the Featheray Lifting Eye Cream on her neck – see the results after only 5 days – and just keeps getting better over time!


To get this gem for yourself, go to Veronica’s Wellness Secrets and click on the “Shop Alywillow” navigation tab, or to go directly to the shopping page, just click here

Featheray Used on Neck

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