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Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching

Weight loss nutrition coaching

A diet doesn’t mean deprivation. In fact the term “diet” has gotten a really bad reputation over the past few decades.  

Technically, a diet is simply an eating plan.  Its purpose does not mean to drop excess pounds, and it was never intended to be punitive! However, for lack of a better term, we still talk about “diets” – good or bad.   However, there is a reason that sticking to a good eating plan can help you release – and more importantly – keep off excess weight.

Perhaps a few extra pounds crept up slowly over a period of time,  or suddenly, after turning say – 30 – when your metabolism starts to shift or after a trauma or life change. Maybe  life just got in the way with family, kids, caregiving, working, etc.   

Consider that it likely isn’t solely due to eating habits, but exercise has been put on the back burner.  Whatever the reason or timing, getting into a new habit of making healthy choices will help you reach your weight and fitness goals.  As a certified professional weight loss coach, I can help you with your transformation utilizing an, evidence-based program called the Habit Change Coaching Method.

At the end of your 3-month journey you will have new habits and healthier rituals that become second nature, so you can continue living a healthier lifestyle.

You choose your end goal(s) and I will help you get there.

Health & Fitness Coaching

Not everyone wants to lose pounds.  Maybe you are eating “healthy” foods but you’re still tired. You still hit 3 pm and crave the cookie or coffee.  Maybe you just want to learn some tips and tricks to stay healthy, to prevent disease. 

There are three diseases in the United States that take the top spots for preventable deaths:  heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  There are ways that you can reduce your chances of getting them because they all have one thing in common:  lifestyle choices.  We Americans have a boatload of fun – and we work hard to earn that reward; but  along with some of these events come bad habits.  The Habit Change Coaching Method works to help you identify what is holding you back from becoming the best you that you can be, look at  the options available, and with my support and guidance, make the best decision for you. 

I want to help you adopt a few new ways to be well and still have fun doing it.  You want to be around for your family and friends for the long haul.  Let’s work together to make it happen!

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Health and Wellness

Career Coaching

Stressed at work need help

Do you find yourself dreading Mondays?  Is there something at work that you would just rather not deal with?  Maybe you love what you do! ( I know I did.)  You’re probably really good at it too (I was.)  So what is it that is keeping you stuck?  I have been where you are.  You have options.

As a busy, professional  executive working 50 hours per week (not including the commute;) add being a parent or adult caretaker of senior parents, not to mention running a houshold – you have a lot going on!  If you are not satisfied, why do you do it?

Maybe you love what you do but not where you’re doing it, let’s touch base! If you really don’t love what you’re doing, then we really need to talk.  On the other hand, If you love all of it but you’re still feeling stressed, I can assist. 

The Career Coaching I offer will help you understand what you’re here to do, determine if you’re in the right place and work with what you have to reduce your stress and cope with the insurmountable information overload we see today.  Change is inevitable learn how to cope. Stress is an unavoidable part of life.  Your response to all of  it is what you can control.  Make the decision to learn how.  Let me help you make a change.

Skin Care Consulting

I am a proud representative of Alywillow, an organic, plant-based skin care that is like nothing you’ve ever used before.  We use 100% plants and minerals in our products – no synthetic chemicals, preservatives or any other laboratory created ingredients.  A pure and effective ingredient list goes into every formulation we offer. 

This product is so effective that you will see changes very quickly so allow me consult with you first. I want to be sure you are going to use the right formula for your needs. I want to check for any plant allergies. 

We specialize in skin that is highly-sensitive and have products safe for use by everyone – including pregnant and nursing moms, babies, even people with epilepsy.

Our daily therapeutic formulas address different conditions like acne, lines & wrinkles, dark spots, cystic acne, dry, normal and oily skin.  We even have products for the most challenging of skin conditions like shingles and MRSA. 

Men and teens love this product line because it isn’t highly fragrant- we only use plants in our formulas, therefore any scent comes from the plants themselves, not any artificial chemical-laden additives.

Please feel free to visit the online store on the “Shop Alywillow” tab – but before you make a purchase, let’s  talk, since I want to make sure you’re getting the right product.   I look forward to helping you take the next step for some awesome uplifting, emotionally grounding cleansers, toners and moisturizers that have the additional benefit of anti-fungal/viral/microbial properties that will help you and your family with whatever skin condition you have!


Alywillow skin care

I will be happy to discuss your health or skin care goals – just click here to schedule a 15 minute call.