Introducing….Alywillow’s Therapeutic Sample Set


Great news! Since the pandemic, we have not been able to get our friends and loved ones in front of the products that Alywillow is known for, which has created a bit of curiosity about Alywillow…what is it about these products that has everybody raving?

Our products are great for face and body care, but also, the powerful properties in the plants we use for our products can help on an emotional, physical and mental level too.  Plants and herbs have been used for thousands of years; Chinese Medicine practitioners, Ayurveda specialists, Herbalists, Botanists, and Tribal Shamans worldwide have gone to the forest, fields, streams and lakes to find remedies to help with aches and pains, swelling, bleeding, infections, viruses, fungus and other situations.

It is nature that helped create what we know today as modern medicine. For example, bark from the white willow tree has been used  for centuries to relieve pain, fever, and headaches – in fact, the potent ingredient in white willow bark is salicylic acid…the precursor to Aspirin!  In the development of pharmaceuticals today, we often consider the chemical properties of plants and their interaction with our bodies to help the chemists create a safe, controlled option to address issues like insomnia, depression, psoriasis, skin lesions, etc.  Much of todays over the counter drugs as well as prescription medication has its roots in plants, herbs and minerals found in nature!

Alywillow doesn’t prescribe or diagnose, however, we use our knowledge of plants, herbs and minerals and blend them in our formulations so they may help alleviate some common imbalances of mood, skin and muscle as well as pain, swelling and bruising. 

We produce ten formulas in our Daily Therapeutic Line, and now you can have a sample of each, to try for yourself – to see, smell, feel and use.  As long as you have no allergies to the plants in the products, they are safe to use daily!  Each set comes with one sample each of our 10 Bar Cleanser formulas; one Upside Down Cleanser in Sweet Magic, Level 3 Moisturizer in Warrior, Level 4 Moisturizer in Wildwood and Level 5 Body Butter in Sea Willow.  I made a video to run you through what to do when you get your kit. You can view it here.

Most of all, have fun!  Try each product and see how you like them.  Once you decide your favorites, it’s easy to order for delivery to your home, or pick up at our Hillsborough Street location’s pickup window (for you locals).  To order your Therapeutic Sample Set, ($33, search “Gift Sets”) click here, or go to the Shop Alywillow tab on my website


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