Is Coaching Right For Me?

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Career Coaching Client

If  this is the question you’re asking yourself,


It’s a great one!

Many people don’t think they “qualify” for coaching because it tends to be this big nebulous black hole that people partake in but nobody talks about.

It’s not the same as mentoring, and it’s not the same as a club you join to accomplish a goal (Rock Climbing, Weight Watchers…)

First of all, Coaching is not cookie-cutter.  Certified coaches like me will only accept a client if there is a fit.  When we work together, your coaching curriculum will be unique to your situation.

How do I decide?

During my initial consultation, an hour-long session, we talk: I ask questions, you talk, more questions, we identify some obstacles or struggles, discuss some available options and weigh them.  Sometimes you will have a breakthrough and Voila! Done! No need for coaching. Other times your concerns are validated and you know you’re in the right place. Other times there is not a fit and I will refer you to another coach or medical expert. 

Some of the criteria I look for when determining if I am in the right spot for a potential client:

  1. Is there rapport between us?
  2. Are you, as the client, honest, open and willing to change?
  3. Are you willing to commit to some hard work and possible sacrifice?
  4. How badly do you really want this thing?
  5. Is the thing you say you “want” actually the thing you want? (I will know)
  6. Is your situation something within my wheelhouse?


I am not going to move forward with a client if I am not confident I have the experience, expertise and resources to help you meet your goals.  I know enough coaches with different specialties to whom I can refer you.

Who plays what roles?


Many people believe I will “crack the whip” or deliver menus, solid meal plans, schedule their workouts (health coaching.)

They believe I am going to tell them what their life purpose is, or I will recommend they quit their job – or  stick it out!  (career coaching.)

In reality, while I have access to a lot of resources and tools, my job is to help you figure out what’s best for you. It is always ultimitely your choice to make.

Most of the time this means showing you different ways to approach situations, or transitioning to a new plan, explaining the differences you can expect, helping you evaluate pros vs. cons, etc.

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It’s about Choice.

I will share with  you what’s possible.  We will use techniques professional athletes use, adopt positive life-changing habits, experiment with different environments or schedules, learn the kind of food that’s right for you, and more.  Every step of the way, I am with you to cheer you on, support you and hold you accountable. When you’re Stuck, it means there is something else you need to know, be or have.  There are options and together we will strike out to find them.

Even when you show up beaten down, beaten up, or totally ticked off, I will hold your vision for you. Even when you think it’s all a waste, or when you start having self-doubts and are ready to give up. I will support you, remind you why you started this journey and believe in you until you believe in yourself.

What can I expect? 

While there are no guarantees, what that will occur after a Transformational Program that includes lifestyle and habit change is…

You will have a transformation! 

It looks different for everyone. It happens to varying degrees.  Sometimes the goal changes along the way as we explore different parts of your health, career, relationships and life. A new goal might crop up…but regardless, I promise that after 90 days in this Habit Change Coaching Program, you will be in a better place than you were when you started.

If you are interested in learning more, or just have questions please reach out to me through the button below.


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