Island Rain for Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks

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Anxiety, panic attacks, poor sleep and failing health can be caused by one very common trigger:  STRESS!

Stress causes physical – as well as emotional – issues due to the hormones that are released when we get into a “fight or flight” state.  The central nervous system only has two states – the sympathetic and para-sympathetic, and you cannot be in both states at one time…it’s always either one or the other.

Happiness-Joy-Island Rain
Butterfly Formula

When you experience that rush of adreneline – butterflies in your stomach, nausea, a shaky voice and hands, sweaty palms, etc., that means you have arrived in the Sympathetic Nervous System state.  This hails from our ancestors, who may have had a need to flee from a lion or bear. They needed all possibly energy to be directed towards limbs for quickness and agility, to the brain for keen attention to perhaps find a place to hide. Minimally, to have the energy to get away with their lives!

Today, we dont’ have much occasion to flee from dangerous animals, however our brains don’t know the difference between being chased by a lion and your boss yelling at you!  It puts you right into that sympathetic state and prepares you for fight – or flight!

Island Rain

So, we still need this response – probably not as much from wildlife – but certainly for protection from predators of “another” sort…

Wouldn’t it be better overall, though, if we could find a way to avoid the stress that occurs when we don’t really need these defenses?  What if we could just “shake and spray” a product that could help tell our brains that it’s really okay…not life and death.  Bosses and spouses hold some power over us but for the most part they aren’t trying to kill us (I hope!)

Enter…Island Rain by Alywillow.  Alywillow is a 100% organic plant and mineral based skin care company whose product line contain no synthetic ingredients or chemicals and certainly none of the bad stuff you hear about these days the proliferate our health and beauty industry (parabens, pthalates, BPA, even lead!)

Island Rain

Alywillow’s founder Aliya Triniti, bases her entire product line on ingredients that are naturally occuring and meant to help the human body heal, repair, reduce calm, slow and support skin, body and even emotions.*

Island Rain is one of those products that has been shown to reduce severe stress, ease us into a relaxed state and can ease anxiety and panic attacks.  It has helped me get to sleep a lot sooner too. I no longer lie awake at night counting sheep, or stressing about the next project or problem.

Island Rain can be sprayed around your head and inhaled, sprayed into cupped hands, rubbed together and inhaled, or even sprayed and rubbed onto your chest and the bottom of your feet to get those beneficial plant properties into our bodies and go to work.

Island Rain sells for $25 per bottle and I am still using the same one I bought in June so – 6 months or more? Depends on how often you use it of course.

You can find this and all the other Alywillow products on my website link directly:

or on my website: (just click on the “Shop Alywillow” navigation tab.)

I have created a video as well, to demonstrate how to use Island Rain!

Better Sleep with Island Rain

*Disclaimer- I am not a medical practitioner and am not intending to diagnose, treat or cure, nor does Alywillow or I in any way prescribing Island Rain as a remedy for any ailment, disease or condition.


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