Not what I expected


I went into the health coaching focused on weight loss. Through my journey, I did lose a few pounds, but more importantly, I learned that I really just needed tips to be healthier, and I came to so much peace with where I am.

The strategies my coach taught me will stay with me, and contributed to an overall sense of well being which is the most important thing. Veronica was exceptionally encouraging and supportive. She was focused on helping me dig deep to discover my real goals, and helped me to achieve them. This was different than my expectation that a coach would have goals for me. It was really an incredible experience. ~ Lisa

Coach Ronni

I would be happy to hold a complimentary first session wiht you to determine what goals you’re striving for, what you’ve tried so far, and what’s worked (or hasn’t worked.)


Feel free to click HERE to view my calendar for availability. 

You can chose from a quick 15 minute Q & A or a 60 minute Transformation Breakthrough Session  (which is still no charge) which will offer you some insight as well as a nugget of free coaching advice to take with you!