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– I used Ronni’s coaching to help me with mindset & weight loss.  I’m a nurse – I “know” what to do, but she had a deeper understanding than I did & sometimes we all need the accountability piece.  I am using the tools she reinforced and am doing well. I have reached out to her periodically for a booster when I know I’ll be on a “humane” schedule. I highly recommend her.  ~MW


– I highly recommend working with Veronica. She takes the time to help you to dig deep and examine your habits, choices, and underlying roadblocks to change. She gives lots of practical tips, while also helping you with the psychological aspect of developing a healthy mindset and meeting your goals. I learned a lot from her coaching and appreciated her positive and encouraging approach. ~L.C.


-I participated in the 90 day transformation, and this experience has been the best decision I have ever made! I achieved my goals and learned so much about myself and living a healthy lifestyle. I used to dread working out, eating healthy/dieting, and depriving myself of my favorite things in order to lose weight, and Veronica has showed me how to do it while enjoying it! My new lifestyle now allows me to be more energized, productive, and confident! ~Sarah

Coach Ronni

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