10 Daily Therapeutic Formulas from Alywillow

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Our line of daily therapeutic products are safe for practically everyone to use from head to toe.  There are a few exceptions: infants, pregnant and nursing women, and people with epilepsy – who have to be careful of the plants to which they are exposed.  For the super-sensitive class, we offer the Elemental line (which is covered in a Blog entitled “Elemental and Specialty Products”)

Reminder, please consult the entire ingredients list available on the “ingredients” navigation tab of the Alywillow Website, and if you have a known allergy to any of the plants listed, please pause and fill out the form, allowing us to respond to you with the products safe for you to use.

There are 10 formulas in our daily line.  On our Website we go into far more details on each one so you can dig deeper, but here is the 30,000 foot view for those who want to know quickly, the formula for your needs, so you don’t have to go read a novel and learn all about every single formula.!  These are the highlights of each formula – and again – this is not a fully comprehensive list – each formula provides additional properties  than those listed here.

Butterfly – Increases happy hormones, can decrease stress. This formula delivers a soothing scent ideal for all genders. The spritzer can be sprayed on pillows to help lessen snoring.

Lavender Fields – Relaxing lavender mixed with marjoram, frankincense and other plants, is calming before bed, prepares mind for restorative sleep. Lavender can relax muscles and ease digestion.

Butterfly Formula

Firefly – Morning energizer! This light minty scented blend can ease congestion. It’s anti –microbial, lessens inflammation and is anti-aging as well. Caution, don’t use at night, it is so energizing it could interfere with sleep.

Sea Willow – Developed with spas in mind, this gentle formula provides a sense of inner peace. It can balance hormones, support emotions and help with menopausal symptoms. Spritz on at night if you tend to get hot flashes, it could help reduce them.

Dragonfly- Slows aging, helps with emotions- lessens anger and anxiety, anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac, one of my favorites.

Firefly Body Butter
Wildwood Cleansers

Wildwood – Anti-itch, great for acne and oily skin and hair (cleansers make a great shampoo.)  This lemongrass formula is a powerhouse against dandruff, eczema, and other itchy skin conditions.  Offers circulatory support and balanced oil production too. Over time, it will “train” the skin to produce the “right” amount of oil.  Awesome for teenagers!

Lemon Laughs – Lemon and Patchouli are featured in this formula that lightens dark spots, evens skin tone, lightens scars, and even lightens the mood! This is perfect for simple acne and oily skin. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties can help stimulate defenses and power up your immune system.

Sweet Magic – Just what it sounds like. Increases happiness hormones, making you feel good as if by magic. It contains aphrodisiac properties, improves mood and balances hormones; may calm stress and anxiety. Plus it just smells great.

Warrior – A favorite of many, (including me) likely due to its many beneficial plant properties. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-aging, it was developed for MRSA and is able to repair skin at the cellular level, making it excellent for skin ailments like shingles, herpes, and psoriasis. This pH balanced formula boosts the circulatory and nervous system. Warrior is our most powerful anti-aging formula in the family. Smells heavenly with notes of frankincense and clove. 

Sagerow – Anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and supports the nervous system. Based on the ancient ritual of “smudging,” the sage and cedar notes protect and renew. It helps oily skin, reduces body order and helps with cystic acne.  May relieve stress and anxiety.

As you can see – the options abound! The best thing I can recommend is to get in touch with me for a phone consultation. It won’t take long.  You can schedule an appointment here – choose Skin Care Consultation (30 mins.)

Alternatively, we created a $33 Therapeutic Sample Set with a bar cleanser sample of each of the 10 formulas, and a travel size each of Sweet Magic Upside-Down Cleanser, Seawillow Level 5 Body Butter, Wildwood Level 4 Moisturizer and Warrior Level 3 Moisturizer.  You can try each product and decide for yourself.  It even comes with a 20% coupon off your first order!  Find the link on my website on the “Shop Alywillow” navigation tab.  Or click here to shop.

Disclaimer: these statements are not meant to be diagnostic and do not replace medical advice. We do not claim to treat or cure any diseases or conditions. The properties and benefits outlined in the above formulas are based upon what has been documented for the plants and essential oils contained therein.

Therapeutic Sample Set

To discuss which formulation is right for you, click on the button to schedule time on my calendar – a quick 15-minute call!


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