Congratulations! You got that Promotion!


Congratulations on your promotion!  You’ve worked long and hard, given more than your share of blood, sweat and tears, made sacrifices along the way, and finally…you have arrived!  Now that you’ve achieved this important milestone, it’s very important to know what it can mean for your health. 

According to Mayo Clinic data, the executive lifestyle leads to 24% less sleep, 23% more work hours,and 90% identify struggles with work/life balance. Seventy-three percent of executives lead a sedentary lifestyle resulting from their new position, and a whopping 40% are obese – ostensibly from all those lunch meetings and after-work gatherings. Obesity is one of the three leading causes of death in the United States, along with diabetes and heart disease.  The common denominator? Lifestyle choices.  But worry not – there is hope!

The good news is, just knowing about the risk is a great first step (knowledge is power!)  There are ways to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Although the typical American work style is comprised of desk jobs with little mobilization throughout the day, it’s even worse when you’re in a leadership position; with all those meetings, no time to take a break– a walk – or even your lunch!  Between logging long hours, missing your appointment with the treadmill, eating on the run and making poor nutritional choices, it can be an uphill battle to keep your health intact.  Wearing a gadget only serves to remind you how you have failed day after day.  You may find a hard time logging 10,000 steps once you reach the “corner office.”

Simple changes like meal planning and brown bagging your lunch to ensure you control your eating choices.  Making small modifications like scheduling that meeting while walking around the building instead of sitting in the conference room can promote better health by getting you outdoors and moving.  Choosing a salad over the fried chicken on a biscuit – or subbing a plant based protein once/week can make a huge impact to your physical condition and longevity.

Getting up an hour earlier every day to exercise is something most of us are not willing to do—especially since you’re already getting 24% less sleep than the average bear!  But small hinges swing big doors and three 10 minute walks is better than nothing.  Fifteen minutes of stretching is better than zero.  Five minutes of meditation while you’re washing dishes after dinner – even two minutes while you’re brushing your teeth – will serve to reduce some stress, and meet your move goals. Activity is cumulative – small slices add up to big outcomes.

So, how is health coaching supposed to help you?  Coaching is a support system offering guidance and encouragement while providing you with the knowledge  to make better choices to ensure you are on the right path to success – maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Coaching helps you change unhealthy behaviors and start making smart choices – for the long haul. 

I created Veronica’s Wellness Secrets because I know where you are. I spent years climbing the corporate ladder, so I understand the sacrifices you are facing; and am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to succeed and meet your career goals without giving up what’s important to your well-being. The Coaching programs I customize for my clients help them realize that it doesn’t have to be “Either – Or”.  Instead, it can be “Both and More”!

Doesn’t that sound a lot more pleasant?  Good luck in your new position, you’ve earned it!


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